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Tian Pujun v. public no slander, we are "parties" – Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Tian Pujun v. public no slander, we are "parties" according to reports, the day before the actor Tian Pujun to the Chaoyang Court public "beast floor" holder of Ms. Wang, pointed out that the latter article "Tian Pujun Liao Han past, world this is unorthodox woman away" defamation, and demanded an apology, eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and other reasonable expenses 5 yuan. In recent years, the number of WeChat public number increase sharply, driven by the interests of the public number of infringement cases and distorted rumors of health non upward trend. Over the past year, celebrities and companies sued WeChat public rumor infringement cases have occurred. This Tian Pujun sued WeChat and claims 550 thousand yuan incident also sparked strong public concern. Public numbers and circle of friends is an important source of information we get, for this event, in fact, we should have a party attitude. In fact, the effect of celebrity famous enterprises, distorted the facts, the opportunity to win the eye has become a lot of public, the survival of the Holy grail". Celebrity’s private life or scandal exposed, is always more likely to cause the attention of Internet users enthusiasm. Entitled "Tian Pujun Liao Han the past, it was the world go wild ways a woman away" article published by the public number, more than 1 million 200 thousand is an example of reading within 7 hours. Tian Pujun has played at Prince Fu Jin in the hit series "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Liao Han" "unorthodox" sensitive words for "Dun Prince Fu Jin" on the body, zenbu curious place open reading? Tian Pujun said this, the article does not respect the fact that its unwarranted accusations, slander, and the burden of the multiple presence of false language, and points out that the information publishers engaged in related transactions, even suspected of crimes. The final qualitative for the case by the court to judge tentatively. To be sure, there is no shortage of public number infringement. This is only a "sound" celebrity is rare, and the lawsuit is less and less. Not these celebrities do not want to care about, but can not afford to care, high cost of rights, long time span. For example, WeChat sued 10 KFC public number spread "KFC uses 6 wings of 8 legged chicken" rumor case, from the prosecution to the last drop not too slow, but also after half a year. For large enterprises like this, as for the infringement of the individual, often only choose patience. Pick up the legal weapons rights actor Tian Pujun, just a lot of people in the infringement of the very individual. Similar to the "Liao Han" "go wild ways" this kind of words, clearly undermine the reputation of party. Even if the article has been deleted, reputation damage has been caused, 1 million 200 thousand users will not forget the content of the article. However, this will give Tian Pujun’s public image of the extent to which the adverse impact, it will cause much psychological and spiritual damage, it is difficult to have a reasonable judgment. 550 thousand yuan of the amount of claims is legal, but also the court for a comprehensive consideration. Internet rumors and slander everywhere, in addition to the infringee "tolerance" and the high cost of rights).相关的主题文章:

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