We don’t even have a vision of JoliePitt poper

We don’t even have a vision of JoliePitt? Huang Xiao Wen Qiang Qiang saw last week three of us are walking together, Dou Wentao was still cheering led to discuss Julie performed surgery after filling breast removed, both the maximum intercept gene threat, and also feel the same, but also to Peter set huge divorce threshold of public opinion. Because the Julie challenge gene, become my body I call the shots of the heroine, his life was steadfast follow around empress highness, divorce what don’t think, otherwise you will be drowned in the population of the earth. The results of these two people before marriage frequently broke up, married frequently divorce boots, finally last night she fell down, Julie is married to leave, Peter was very depressed. Children to do the wedding of Hollywood’s most dazzling couple and partners, ten years of marriage has been a ten. The United Nations led by half a size of the baby class, sitting on the world a lot of luxury, have a much anticipated "big day". When Julie dressed children graffiti wedding dress, children around the knee has a harmonious union lasting a hundred years at that moment, the media called moveon, from now on, they break up is the news. Now the news arrives on time, even though it looks like April Fool’s day. Divorce is put forward by Julie, is currently not involved in alimony and support such as Julie, now the cause of home court is charity, money for a big tear like impassioned style is not her. Besides marriage in Peter signed two good at giving systematic guidance, the 101 page is comparable to the divorce agreement prenuptial agreement, the 308 million U.S. dollars are good. For once the marriage, the couple is difficult to document, do not fight off, for example, at the moment. The reason for the divorce is that the child is different from the concept of education, Julie requires a separate custody of the 6 children, only to Peter visitation. The reason for the divorce is the practice of Peter’s children, "extremely dissatisfied". Peter said, "I am very sad, but now the most important thing is my child." Julie used to boast Peter said: "two times after the divorce, I vowed to find an outsider, just what occupation, even if it is a good worker. And then I met Brad. He’s the man I’m looking for, the best man. In my eyes, he is not an actor, but a father." Because the father Julie defect in a man, father attribute above all. Peter to Julie, how is Peter want children seven inch: since I first saw you, I knew you would be my soul mate, also will be the best choice for my child’s father. I am very sad that someone will get hurt, but we should be together. I don’t care if Jennifer gets hurt. This is the history of the most powerful small three manifesto. Has become a reason for her divorce, the child can not be shared. In fact, this is two. Julie is a complex in the crowd. According to the West everything depends on childhood, Julie’s rebellious character all from childhood. Her father — Oscar winner Jon Wray, as he starred in the romantic basic "street sweeper" in shiluanzhongqi does not need the same reliable. When Julie was 6 months, Jon Wray dropped their mother and child three people, the party).相关的主题文章:

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