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Why is knowledge the highest good? [Abstract] Why is it so worth pursuing? Because it is not independent, self-sufficient, "it is the ultimate guarantee of freedom". Only the eternal, only "own"". Holding on to "oneself" is "freedom"". To know who you are is the last word for freedom. [editor’s note] Chinese good book on September list has been released, Wu Guosheng’s book is a science. The author points out that science has become a powerful driving force for the development of history. It is only after the nineteenth Century. It is a very rare cultural phenomenon. This article is an excerpt from the book, the original title is "" science "as the" Greek "humanity", abridged. The network is a source of Greek city-state democracy slave society, free people enjoy full political rights, is the owner of the city. The Greeks are often proud to say: "our country has no ruler, and every citizen of the city is a ruler." The Greeks have always been proud of being a free people. For the Greeks, the slave is an unhappy existence, they are not free, although looks like people, can talk, but they are not real, because in the Greeks, the basic provisions of people is freedom. So, in the Greek people here, is the opposite of slaves. As Chinese scold some heartless beasts, and the Greeks of modern Westerners do not understand some people scold free slaves, are quite harsh criticism. However, it is not easy to understand and comprehend freedom. We Chinese often bring freedom simply understood as unruly, unfettered, impulsive, which of course is to free the misunderstanding. In fact, in the different periods of Western history, "freedom" is not exactly the same. Ordinary people in the West are also easy to understand the simple desire to become free, which is easy to understand the Chinese common people, such as charity, like Yu Zhong, is the same. Hold the banner of freedom of the Greeks is how to understand freedom? The Greeks focused on "knowledge". This is especially surprising and unexpected for us chinese. Spinoza once said that "freedom is a necessary understanding", which is basically the meaning of the Greeks, that is, "freedom" to "knowledge". However, we usually understand Spinoza’s: we know the inevitable, thus gaining the inevitable power of conquest, we are free. Popper, the British philosopher, said that "liberation through knowledge" is basically what this means. It is precisely because of this understanding, we often put Spinoza’s statement to the "freedom is the inevitable understanding and transformation". In this understanding, freedom is seen as a kind of ability to conquer, is a kind of liberation". However, this understanding is not Greek, but modern. Modern people believe that "knowledge is power", or "knowledge serves the power", so they do not regard "knowledge" itself as the highest goal, but only as a means of "power" and "liberation". The Greeks are not the same. The Greeks believed that knowledge itself is the highest goal. How to acquire knowledge and gain freedom? This relates to Greece相关的主题文章:

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