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Widely scattered to battle careers Joker Ren "new August new network China new song" fifth team captain – 26, in the evening of 25, the new song "China" held a press conference in Jiaxing, announced that Joker served as team captain LIVE live fifth song sound. Conference on the same day, Joker dressed in a red sweater with his handsome appearance, "ABS thermalization": "because I feel that the" new voice "is very red, and I am the person as long as wearing a sweater than other clothes to wear handsome 30%. These 30% are deadly, will give people a good feeling." Claiming "big red", very self black spirit Joker at the conference also laughs. The "new sound" coveted four tutors "new songs to accompany the growth as Chinese" LIVE live fifth team captain, Joker admitted that this program has long coveted ":" when they promised me when to sing a song at this stage, I came." The original mode of the season "new sound", Joker also impressed: "in fact, can also be a design, click the down tutor by clicking back. Allow yourself to regret it!" Four heavyweight mentor was the object he has always been very admirable: "the song" Harlem Yu "was the teacher Chunni everywhere he high streets and back lanes, the unique typhoon I guess haven’t learned teacher Na Ying; I was very impressed when I heard the song of the fifth grade two tears, a song called" wake up ", another song called" whatever it takes ", since then I love pop music, Na Ying teacher is my first teacher; teacher Wang Feng’s" spring "to sing me silly, including many of his songs very bright, I have to run in when the single cycle, he wrote the rock is the soul." Jay Chou’s songs are accompanied by Joker had had the most difficult years in Switzerland, can not afford to eat hamburgers, do not call taxi when Joker the headset inside is always Jay Chou’s song: "from the beginning of the first second Zhang Disan Zhang, I can recite." Joker admitted that as a singer is the most important works in the "new sound" on the stage, there are many students and their works impressed him: "this season with a single" sing "Wu Liang, one can sing three sound color Li Ruixuan, are very impressed." "Before the ‘good voice’, there was a singer named Chen Bing. Her high pitched voice was frightening. A high pitched voice came out of my mouth." Captain Joker weapon: the toilet with singing full Joker reverberation recently announced on the same day at three o’clock arrived in Jiaxing, admitted to the daily sleep time is only five hours or so, need to rely on sleeping pills to sleep every day. Moderator quipped: we can find a few in the fifth team to sing a lullaby to sing better." Talk about their choice of the standard of students, "said Joker mainly by temperament": "no, still must be nice." "I hope we can have a relatively simple in the network, with a mobile phone, next to put a good singing accompaniment. If you want to sound a little better.相关的主题文章:

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