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Women want a 10 signal up to you, you are aware of it? Source: global command to lure Hugo old son as "les miserables" said such a sentence in his works: the first sign of true love, the boy’s body is timid, the girls are bold. Unfortunately, the woman has China deeply affected by the traditional Confucian culture course, simply can not do so open, even if the occasional one two bird, will be standing on the moral high ground hunter shot to kill. This caused great distress of pure single dog straight: she love me? Don’t like me? Like me? Don’t like me? · · · · · · big brother ah, do not tangle, anyway you think is next year, this problem is no solution, not afraid to you, the global commander is from several aspects to tell you that she is interested in you! NO.1 would like to see you a woman, born of love beautiful species, especially in front of their love of the boys, she will want to become more beautiful, the so-called "women who have capacity for yue". For example, if you have nine o’clock in the morning and the date, she will get up seven points from the hair dressing, all up to the heel to meet strict in demands, you can face amazing to say: Wow, you are so beautiful today! Then she will be a beautiful bubble, mood all day high to lose self-control! Although you may not be able to pay attention to, but because she has that kind of love you feel, so will still do a lot of small efforts, becoming more and more beautiful! NO.2 something will find you chat "what are you doing?" "No, why?" Okay, is asking · · · · · · "and then will feel straight rather baffling: Nani? Make me play? I also talk a eggs, this is not my Lu?! This girl day by day so bored? Commander really want to send you two capital. Do you know that when you are bored, you can’t find a girl who is not interested at all! For the moment and cherish. NO.3 see you smile love a person, when you looked at Ta, where both men and women, and my heart will be filled with an unspeakable, great joy and happiness, just want to quickly rushed over to pull a hand and hold a hold of what. And laughter is the most intuitive way to express their inner joy! When you told her she had experienced the fun thing, she will think you talk to her like something more to make her happy; not together, most WeChat she said, plus a bunch of ha ha ha ha ha, you will think of this girl how so happy every day indeed, she is talking to you, will feel very happy; whenever like)相关的主题文章:

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