Xiamen Tongan outer ring will add a scenery line of Tongan avenue to start the transformation melia kreiling

Xiamen Tongan outer ring will add a landscape Avenue (Avenue Tongan Tongan start rebuilding Haixiang Boulevard -324 highway pavement) enclosure construction. The newspaper reporter correspondent Wu Yaodong Zheng Sumiao yesterday, a reporter from the Xiamen municipal construction unit construction and Development Corporation was informed that the Tongan Road (-324 road Haixiang Boulevard) upgrade and renovation project has been officially launched. According to the city to upgrade the level of the trunk road standards, the transformation is completed, the whole process will be no traffic lights, traffic efficiency will be greatly improved. As with the outer ring roads, construction and renovation of Tongan Avenue were tonganou that is to improve the transportation network, to solve the urban traffic congestion and optimizing the outgoing traffic is an important part of. In addition to promoting the opening of the Tongan Road (previously Haixiang Boulevard national highway -324) to enhance the transformation, Tong’an District is actively promoting the Tongan Road (State Road 324 – the same road) and Tongan Avenue (the same road – Tongan Road) land demolition work, provide guarantee for the construction project. To start a comprehensive project in an orderly way yesterday afternoon, the reporter drove from the 324 National Road, road construction road upgrade into tongan. A southbound, from the entrance to nine Lu Mei Wo, west side of the road were all closed Weidang construction. All the way down, the sound of mechanical work, engineering vehicles come and go. The weather is getting cold, but the construction site is still a be in full swing. The reporter learned from the scene, in order to ensure the orderly conduct of construction, and strive to the second half of next year with the traffic conditions, the construction side has deployed more than 200 workers entering the construction, and is equipped with 18 transport vehicles, 42 sets of piling machine. At present, all personnel and machinery are at the same time work. In order to ensure that the project can be carried out on a large scale, we take unilateral closed construction. Thanks to the District, the town of two strong support for the relocation work, over time, the whole project progress is very smooth. We are confident that the second half of next year to complete the transformation, with the conditions of opening." Project leader Huang Wangqin stood in the Tongan road and Mei Wo nine road intersection, "the transformation of rainwater pipe network to 1.1 kilometers from the Hisoar Avenue has been completed, from here to the renovation of underground pipeline is the direction of national highway 324. The bridge pile foundation work is also in an orderly way, is expected to be completed by the end of December, some of the pile caps of the task." Up to now, the whole project has been completed the construction of 1.2 kilometers of road widening cement road, rainwater pipeline of 1.6 kilometers, sewage pipes of 0.7 km, gas pipeline protection, such as 0.5 kilometers. It is reported that a comprehensive transformation of traffic road icing on the cake, Tongan (Haixiang Boulevard -324 national highway) renovation project to enhance road greening was originally 8 meters wide of the intermediate zone reduced to 2 meters, which will widen the roads from two-way four lanes to two-way six lane. Nine Lu Mei Wo to State Road 324 between the 5.4 km road will be combined with the sponge city construction, followed by construction of concave side under the sponge strips, sidewalks, non motorized Road, green belt, high standard greening landscape will make the road to achieve "road landscape road in the forest", a Tongan outer ring a line of scenery. As an outer ring roads, Tongan road traffic flow, caused by previous pavement often appear damaged. Part of the low-lying areas are often stagnant water. ;相关的主题文章:

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