Yundi Li and Hu Yanbin adapted Sohu playin couples Entertainment darren hayes

Yundi Li and Hu Yanbin adapted Sohu playin couples entertainment incarnation of Yundi Li "1900". The loving couple Sohu entertainment news Chinese first original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday late 22:30 ushered in the brilliant video Sohu ninth. In this week’s program, the crossover stage will usher in a new group of cross-border stars, bringing a new comedy feast for the audience. The new lineup is gathered a large coffee, the Olympic champion, Prince of the piano, variety large coffee, strength to sing have joined, full of surprise. Crossover stars try a variety of forms of integration, experience and innovation collision will wipe out what kind of spark? Let’s lock up on Saturday’s show. Yundi Li secret identity to avoid war to save the little prince Yundi Li piano music heroes in a troubled time in this episode of comedy partner agent Bai Kainan, in the troubled times if the ship, staged a drama in. Always weird Kennan turned white "newhalf" William, seeing to the wedding with his girlfriend. The incarnation of Yundi Li in the sea to escape the fighting "1900" delegate delegate, will place obstacles in the way, "Wedding March" to "break up happiness", to break up this pair of lovers gone. When William’s love encounter blocked, the couple and where to go? On the boat, hot fire up staged a troubled love drama drama, warships patrol quietly away Yundi Li. In order to protect the ship’s friends are not evil bully, Yundi Li died, shot selection Dutch act. What is Yundi Li’s real identity? Why is pursued by the military? This episode shows you the truth. Yang Weizhi bird stage criminals Yang Wei deductive express Oolong Olympic champion comedy apprehend smugglers gymnastics Prince Yang Wei first came to the "king of comedy" cross, in the skit in everything, laugh again and again. A tornado struck, was originally Liu Hua and Yang Wei are neighbors, I misplaced the sanitation number, so get some other express, a ridiculous farce began. Bubble blowing machine and the magic wand became the new weapons, grenades and pistols into Yang Yangyang’s toy, became a bulletproof pajamas, drew bursts of laughter funny contrast. Then the mother and the consignee into the room to make Yang Wei realize the truth of the matter. Between the player Yang Wei and honest smuggler wily and will wipe out what kind of spark? Can smugglers be brought to justice? Hu Yanbin "PPAP" Hu Yanbin cross adaptation "sing" comedy songs to reveal voices of musician Hu Yanbin changed his affectionate appearance, wearing long gown up comic. Not only that, Hu Yanbin also clamored to switch, comedian, scientists, doctors, drivers, beggars, all are included in the list of his career. Then Hu Yanbin sings the advantages of different occupation, friends life go together "," miss those years of heavy rain "is a song popular songs attracted the audience chorus, and a tongue twister adapted version of the" PPAP "is the atmosphere to a climax. The perfect combination of Hu Yanbin and Li Jing.相关的主题文章:

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