Zhang Xinyu Su Yan according to the exposure of the dark skin response Desert exposure 2 months chompoo araya

Zhang Xinyu makeup exposure response: dark desert exposure for 2 months – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Zhang Xinyu with elegant appearance became popular, plays the villain in the new version of "Li Mochou" The legend of Condor Hero, because face the same good figure, dubbed the "most famous Li Mochou" wide open visibility, used to whiten the skin of her debut, a series of "black makeup photos" was recently on the network crazy pass, and she was 19, for the matter of positive response. Zhang Xinyu has a series of makeup photos on the network crazy pass, in the picture, I saw her face slightly dark skin, a shiny, makeup appearance after exposure, which usually white lips look very different, on the network set off a heated discussion. For this, Zhang Xinyu 19, specially in micro-blog issued a document to cut many makeup photos of the title of the report, and respond positively to makeup look darker skin: "you go to the Xinjiang desert to try 2 months exposure." Attracted many fans a message behind "distressed", "don’t care about the opinions of others, do yourself, feel beautiful on the line, triggered a heated debate on the network.相关的主题文章:

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