Zheng Wenya leave the wireless with the senior about to stay in danger doat

Zheng Wenya: leave the wireless with the high-level left a dangerous Zheng Wenya (left) to disclose the reasons for leaving the wireless. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 25th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the current miss Hongkong shortly after the end of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the first "old footprint" hosted by Che Shumei 1979 miss Hongkong winner Zheng Wenya invited for interview at Zheng Wenya revealed that the main cause of the photo shoot and leave the wireless set feeling, and share their own situation. Zheng Wenya: then stay there will be danger in recent years Zheng Wenya claimed less milk note Gangjie campaign, but she rarely revealed that former Miss Hong Kong will be switched to RTV the reason. She left the wireless, except when the drama starring Johnny Mak invited Li "outlet", and then the wireless high-rise. Zheng Wenya said: "I do not like a radio at that time, and I think it would be dangerous to stay." She refers to the work of cooperation has nothing to do, but because of their own age is still small, do not know how to protect themselves, so you must leave. She did not want to mention the people and things involved, but also said: "although the person is not in the wireless, but he is still in the world." She also revealed that even at the time of her nominees were Weigeng Gangjie also dare not tell, fear will make big things. John had angry Zheng using photo photo photo shoot set for that year, Zheng Wenya think that life is the most beautiful and fresh photos, and even become the image of the Hongkong Film Awards Awards reference. For Zheng Jinghan was the portrait in Hongkong "dandy" magazine, said she does not agree, even more angry at him for many years, because she believed the pictures and magazine style does not match, but after a lapse of many years, she has been put down. Next month, Zheng Wenya will celebrate the 25 anniversary of marriage with her husband, back in the year of less than a month, and then to propose to her, she did not know how to respond, but just think of this man how so bold, Yu Zhehui. (Miao Fei) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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